Victoria Vergara est tout simplement sublime. À 23 ans, la jeune surfeuse est particulièrement suivie sur les réseaux sociaux, où elle poste régulièrement des photos et vidéos de son quotidien, entre séances de surf, nage, bronzage et autres clichés sexy...

Elle est grande, svelte et musclée... Il faut dire que Victoria Vergara, qui surfe tous les jours, apporte une grande attention à son corps. "Comme dans beaucoup de sport, lorsqu’on est une femme il faut redoubler d’efforts pour y arriver et les surfeuses d’aujourd’hui rivalisent enfin avec les surfeurs", explique-t-elle. 


a dreamy morning at the office ????‍♀️☀️ @gopro #goprohero6 @reef @etam @thesonofcobra

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Surfeuse professionnelle, top model et étudiante en journalisme, la jeune femme de 23 ans arrivée à la Réunion à l'âge de 14 ans est une véritable beauté naturelle. Rapidement, des demandes de contrats en mannequinat affluent, mais au début, Victoria les repousse, préférant se concentrer sur son apprentissage du surf, sa grande passion.

Un investissement qui lui vaut aujourd'hui de compter parmi les meilleures surfeuses du monde.

Désormais, la jeune femme accepte également avec plaisir de participer à de nombreux shooting, qu'elle partage sur son compte Instagram aux côtés d'autres clichés de sa vie rythmée au grès des séances photos, des entraînements et des compétitions de surf...


my body acts like he is still eleven thousand kilometers away. See ya Australia! ? #jetlag

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blue, @gopro #goproathlete

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Happy International Women’s Day. ??? No matter what we are doing, saying, wearing or even thinking, it seems women are always judged and things need to change ! Growing up, I always wanted to be a boy. Things seemed easier for them. Other boys didn’t care about their clothes, hair or whatever, they were simply friends with others boys because of their personalities, interests, and most importantly, being supportive of each other. These were things that me and my young girl friends at that time weren’t. We didn’t have enough self confidence either to act like that. I feel like girls have been taught that we can have ambitions or be successful, but not too much, that we could never reach the level of men, and this is not true at all ! Life isn’t easier for a women, going through a lot since our young age, so why should we also care about this constant judgement that’s put on us. We can’t please everyone and we’re not going to change who we are to please some people and their rules, to fit in their box or what the establishment wants us to be, act or see. Women should be free, to wear whatever we want, whatever make us feel confortable, sexy, strong or fearless without caring and being judged. And it’s works for everything else, like our photos, articles, voices and social media.. Today, I love being an adult woman. I feel strong, I love my personality, what I look like and where I want to go with my surfing and modeling career, which was one thing I was too scared to admit growing up, because it was completely different to my other friends’s goals. I’ve learned that accepting who you are is happiness and that believing in your dreams and working hard for them is your passion. I’m fortunate enough to have powerful bad ass women as CEOs, employees, photographers, singers, models.. along my side, as my best friends or family and learning that being supportive of each other, loving each other, definitely makes us stronger. So don’t be scared to have boobies, small or big, because you’re lucky to be who you are ?

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australian’s heat. melted wax and sunburns. ? by @juan_medina_jcm

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bye winter, hello Australia ☀️☀️☀️

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